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André Adamsbaum
Murs et panneaux
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André Adamsbaum
Photographs of walls and panels  

I was an engineer in my earlier career and I am now a photographer with years of experience.
I enjoy roving the cities and countryside, and timeworn cracked walls bearing layers of torn posters destroyed by human hand or just by age and weather, charm me.
Words peek through one poster and appear as part of another. Images of bodies, faces, buildings, are distorted and mixed. By chance a drainpipe or electric cable fixed on the wall may also intrude.
It takes but a moment to see something I like emerging from within this confusion.
I dislike flat images. My photo must contain space and texture. Cement, brick, torn or hanging paper all contribute to the final result.
Nothing has been changed in my images. Nothing is manipulated. The image reflects the reality of what has been photographed. Yet it remains a mystery. So titles are chosen arbitrarily. It is for the viewer to discover his own meaning.

Technique, presentation and format
Recent photos were taken with digital single lens reflex cameras. Earlier photos, taken with film, have been digitized.
The final result is printed on A3+ paper (300 X 450 mm per image).
High quality ink and paper are used to insure the longevity of the image.
Prints are limited, numbered and signed. Availability and price are available on request.

Site contents
Prints are produced from large digital files. Files shown on this site are heavily compressed to around 50 K., a reduction of almost 1000 in file size.
Actual prints are of distinctly superior quality.

Translated by Arthur Lehrman (1930-2017), M.D.

Edition du 20 juin 2018 - Copyright (c) 1991-2018 André Adamsbaum. Tous droits réservés.
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